The Engineers Desk


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“Ouch! that hurts you b****” screamed the 0.5mm pencil as the lead broke, that Ratan was using to draw the full imperial sheet in his 1st year Engineering degree in some college in Mumbai, India. The tight study schedule even after his SSC exams leading to the gruesome CET (the entrance test) he had managed to grab a seat for Mechanical Engineering close to his home in Mumbai itself. If you wondering if even the pencil can swear, yes, just to make you realize, theres no one in engineering who does not learn to swear !!

This introduction would go on for miles, lets just snap to the evening where a swarm of to-be engineers are packed in a room to complete the term assignments. Lets find out what are they trying to speak about themselves: When I said “they” it means the instruments speaking at a non-audible to human voice. Our special off the shelf state of art microphone did manage to pick a couple of their conversations.

Scale:Arrey chya maila! Laavli tyaane parat pencil majhya angaashii !! Ti pencil laavun laavun purna kaala karun taaklay mala ! Fair and handsome lavaychi vel aali.. (in Marathi, it says Oh god! he has again put that pencil again to my body !! Has completely turned my body black, its time to use Fair & lovely)

Pencil: Dude, you ain’t alone in the lot! This is the only time in the year when I am remembered or else I keep changing owners every now and then over the entire year, before I am left isolated in the corner of the room behind the cupboard. I am simply of no importance except for this time around. My arms go red in those clutches of those new breed of engineers !

Scale: Yeah, I know! Each year these budding engineers step on to our lives to clear the papers and then forget us in the run.. why do you need new instruments every year?? Can’t we be like that Protractor who is sitting so quietly like he is enjoying his retired life !!

Protractor: Chill Dudes! We all form the people in the same boat – only that I am not used much because the Compass helps me do half my work.. Oops here comes his hand towards me.. Back to work for me too!

While hearing all this conversation with his already bruised body, he finally speaks up, Eraser: You guys are still lucky, I just tend to erase those wrong lines drawn now and then and end up giving my body parts to it, slowly ending my life in the waste paper basket! I am always tossed from here n there and you never know which hands I would end my day in!

Pencil: Yeah, we all end up losing parts of our body and these instruments finally breaking into two, someone who is lucky might be the Pen himself – like this China Pen here, it seems he was a pride gift from his father when he got through to this college here! No one seems to be troubling him much.

Finally breaking his silence, Pen: I might be the last one to be thrown and my life may be more but you haven’t seen me run like crazy on those theory papers! These engineers just tend to write so much I sometimes wonder if those examiners are really worried about whats scribbled! And even a small mistake by me – the worst punishment I get is being thrown away in anger! These students then say I am unlucky and wont use me ever.

This conversation was broken by a big thud on the room door and all friends including Ratan were just startled! It was none other than Pushkar who had bought some tasty bhurji-pav for all of them from the nearest tapri… Break.. to be continued…


Fear: Is it really yours?


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Remember the last time the door opened due to a wind blow in your ‘home alone’ phase and you were scared because you thought someone was there in the room with you. Remember the last time you sat in that fast car which your colleague was recklessly driving through the streets! Was that your Fear? Were you scared because your fear of something happening!?

Fear, the word in itself that scares most of the people and gives you a nightmare, sleepless nights and loads of stress! “I was sh*t scared” would be common line for you or the people around you, isnt it? But is it real or is it worth that attention?

Fear as we know arises on the thought of us imagining something worse that might happen or occur. The mere thought that our future might be in dark gives us fear of that scheduled university exam. Our mind cooks a story for us that if we do not do study we might flunk and that we might lose a precious year of academics! Fear arises when ones mind thinks that theres someone in the room apart from you right now watching what we are upto – that mere thought might give you goose bumps right away. Did they?

But is it worth it? Fear as I said, is purely an imaginative scene created by our minds. The story that it weaves around the world that the eyes have shown is quite intriguing to give rise to “fear”. That fear would indeed guide you to making your day worse or making your ‘decision making’ worse. Now imagine this, if it had to be plain the world as you see it, would it give rise to that fictional world inside you? There would be indeed no imagination to give rise to that fear!

Would you worry about someone watching you in that empty room if your mind had never imagined about it? It would be even more better if you had just taken the stress off your head to worry about the university exam and just concentrate on learning something new out of it. Let the world within you ‘dream’ rather than provide impetus to ‘imagination’ and ultimately birth to ‘fear’. Do think about it…

I will cover the decision making part in my next article..

Decisions: Are they really yours?


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When was the last time you remember you had to take a critical decision and you did not ask or consult your near and dear ones whom you always trust? When was the last time when you had a decision made up for that same thing but you wanted someone to support you? Well, you will surely think about it when someone actually does ask you the above questions and I am doing it today.

We as humans are such social pigs (sorry for that!) but we always need someone to help us out from a lurch or a dilemma that we have in our OWN minds! In our lives we need to take decisions every minute every day which probably influences our day our moment. Taking that decision might effect our today; there would be some decisions that would affect our entire future! A decision to be taken at a particular moment feels like minuscule – because we don’t really consider or we don’t really know what the consequences would be. Its more of a “we will tackle it as it comes”. When we have a confusion of which side to go on in a particular decision – we tend to listen to others/our companions. A typical example would be the last time you avoided buying that expensive vase you spotted in that showroom, but only because your friend or your companion was in a hurry to catch a movie! You might always miss buying that vase, wouldn’t you? Would it have changed your future? You probably don’t know apart from the financial debt that you might have incurred! So who made that decision for you? You or your friend? Think about it..

Many a times, there is a war inside your head when you are fighting with options and confusions regarding a particular decision. This war isn’t between the right and wrong but just between your options – there are no winners nor losers – its only your mind that tends to make you think about a loss or a profit due to that decision! We take a decision just to clear this war in our minds – just to clear off the tension. This decision taken in a haste to clear off that tension in your mind might not be the right one, but is it the right thing to do?

– Moments of Contemplation